Saturday, July 28

Chicken Stroganoff with Sauteed Zucchini

 Tender chicken meets savory mushroom white sauce.Yum! This stroganoff is most delicious! I love how quickly this meal comes together and it tastes like you've spent hours in the kitchen slaving over it.

Chicken Stroganoff

1/2 cup finely chopped onion
2 T butter
8 oz. button mushrooms thinly sliced
2 large boneless skinless chicken breasts sliced into bit sized pieces
1 cup chicken stock or broth
1/4 t black pepper
1/4 t garlic powder
3 T flour
1 C sour cream

In a sauce pan over medium heat sauté chicken and onion in butter. When chicken is about half way done add sliced mushrooms. Continue cooking until chicken is cooked through and mushrooms are tender. Add chicken broth, pepper and garlic powder and simmer on low heat for about 5 min. In a separate bowl, combine and flour and sour cream, mixing until flour is thoroughly incorporated with the sour cream. Increase heat to medium-high and add sour cream and flour mixture to the chicken. Continue stirring as the sauce thickens for about 1 min and then decrease heat to low. Toss your favorite pasta with the sauce or serve sauce over the pasta. 

2 medium zucchini thinly sliced
1 T canola or olive oil
pepper and garlic powder to taste

Slice zucchini and place oil, pepper and garlic powder in a nonstick pan sautéing over medium heat until zucchini softens to your preference. I prefer an almost crisp tender. Serve alongside the chicken stroganoff.

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