Thursday, March 27

Mango Lime Quinoa

Hi Friends,

So I realize I haven't posted ANYTHING in a very, very long time. The Hubs and I welcomed our 1st in November. While pregnant, morning sickness hit me for a solid three months. Even the cooking obsessed person that I am couldn't stand the kitchen...(it was rough) Fast forward a few months and our little man was born. Now four months old he loves to smile, chew on his toes and put everything he can in his month. We're probably partial but think he's pretty darn adorable!

With the pregnancy also came a lot of extra weight ugh. I'm not really someone who follows the whole calorie counting thing, rather the hubs and I avoid processed foods, eat desserts minimally and exercise. Four months post pregnancy I'm down 40lbs!!!

But anyway this post isn't about babies and pregnancy it's about one of the most delicious and good for you quinoa recipes you will try. Why I love it...1. It's easy 2. It's delicious 3. It has the perfect springtime flavors that I've been craving since the snow finally melted 4. It's incredibly healthy. If you're not super familiar with cooking quinoa or its health benefits check out this post from my friend Yvonne at Tried and Tasty. She is the queen of quinoa.

Recipe adapted from Moroccan Fish with Mango and Couscous

1 1/4 cup dried quinoa cooked
1 ripe mango diced
1 green onion minced
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 cup fresh cilantro chopped
5- 6 teaspoons of fresh squeezed lime juice (more or less depending on your preference)
Black pepper to taste

Serves 4

Prepare quinoa according to instructions. While quinoa is cooking, combine the rest of the ingredients in a bowl. Gently incorporate the fluffed quinoa into dressing mixture. Serve warm.

These pictures don't do this dish justice, so you'll just have to believe me and try it!

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