Wednesday, August 6

Graze Box Review and FREE Box for You

I'm a snacker, grazer and a 2nd and 3rd supper type of person. I really like snacks. It's a good thing I'm married to a snacker or else I might have to be a closet muncher. Okay, maybe not really, but it's not uncommon for the Hubs and I to pull out something to nibble on after the dinner dishes are cleared. All that to say, when I heard about a company that delivers healthy snacks to your home or work I was intrigued. Graze runs as a subscription service delivering to you four individually packaged snacks anywhere from once a week or as you request them.

They offer over 90 snack choices that you can rank as trash, try, like or love.You never know what you'll get in your Grazebox but the higher you rank an item the more often Graze will send you that particular snack. If you never want to try a certain snack you can select trash. They also offer a low calorie option with snacks between 50-150 calories per package. For those with dietary preferences you can trash packs containing gluten, milk, spicy foods and snacks that are not vegan friendly. Currently all snacks are vegetarian. All this sounded awesome to me, my only hesitation was the $6.49 per box price tag so I set off to determine if the product was worth the price.

My 1st box arrived this morning in good shape and with no dents or rips in the brown cardboard like box. I opened the package to find four small but very trendy looking individually packaged snacks. Included in the box was a nutrition facts card with all of the ingredients and nutrition information listed. 

My box contained the following snacks:

Mississippi BBQ Pistachios- Smoked BBQ Pistachios
Garden of England- Mini strawberries, apple and blackcurrants
Hot Cross Yum- Orange raisins, sponge pieces & cinnamon honey almonds
Fruity Mango Chutney with Black Pepper Dippers

Overall I was impressed with the flavors; the mango chutney tasted fresh and had the perfect chutney to dipper ratio. The dried fruit was sweetened only by fruit and the nuts were crunchy as desired. My only complaint was the size. For a $1.62 per snack I would have liked to receive for than 1/3 of a cup. Graze did get the packaging, taste and the element of opening a surprise package spot on. Personally, for me even though the snacks were delicious and pretty healthy, I just couldn't justify paying $6.49 for the portion size at least not on a regular basis. 

Now you're probably wondering where the FREE part comes in? If you want to try Graze you can use the following code and you'll receive a FREE box, no shipping, no taxes and if you decide after the 1st one that don't want any more you can easily cancel. So here's the code and link!


If you decide after the first box that you want to continue to receive them the code will also give you your 5th box for FREE. 

Happy grazing!

***This review was neither sponsored by or received compensation from Graze.***

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