Saturday, December 8

Green Smoothies

I'll admit it, I was skeptical of the whole "green smoothie" movement. I liked my yogurt fruit smoothies and didn't know if I wanted to introduce those green vegetables into my morning blend. It took some convincing from my friend Yvonne at Tried and Tasty and when I finally took her advice there has been no turning back. Green smoothies have become our morning ritual, as neither one of us are big coffee drinkers and provide a great energy boost for the start of the day. Here is a smoothie blend I've come up with. The ingredients are more of an approximation so have fun playing with the ratios and fruit blends.

1 large handful of fresh spinach
1-2 leaves of bok choy- cut into small pieces
2 heaping tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt
1 1/2 frozen bananas- broken into small pieces
1 1/2 cup fruit juice- I love using the Dole pineapple orange blends

Combine all ingredients in blender and process until smooth. Yield: 2 smoothies

Spinach, Bok Choy and Frozen Bananas!

I'm in love with the ZOI traditional style yogurt

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